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قرارداد های هوشمند در صنعت بیمه

قراردادهای هوشمند در صنعت بیمه-آرش مقدسی-کانون قراردادنویسان ایران

Smart Contracts As The One And Only Insurance Company


In this article at the first step, I will discuss insurance and smart contracts & the advantages that eliminating middlemen have for corporations with a focus on insurance corporations and the advantages smart contracts have as a replacement over middlemen with a focus on insurance corporations and in the next step I will discuss the use of artificial intelligence and loan the insurance industry & how it can save costs, time and energy in corporations.‎ I will discuss the advantages of smart contracts over traditional written contracts, as for instance since these contracts are designed with programming and coding, the possibility of forgery and failure to perform has significantly reduced.‎

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